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Terms & Conditions


DEPOSITS - Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. All D. Richardson Productions, LLC services 

require a minimum deposit based on the requested service. There are no cash or card refunds. 


If an event is cancelled within 72 hours, the deposit will serve as a credit for a future event. 

All balances are due 48 hours before the event via CashApp ($drichprod52) or Credit/Debit Card. 

D. Richardson Productions Staff are not allowed to collect cash on event date nor do they carry 

cash for safety reasons. 

ON-SITE - Please note, D. Richardson Productions starts shows at the contracted booked time. 

Due to the multiple shows that we offer our clients, we must start at an exact time to ensure that 

we can provide the same punctual services to our other clients that are also booked on the 

same event date. In the case that D. Richardson Productions staff arrives late due to 

unforeseen circumstances that can arise out of our control such traffic, accidents etc., 

customers will still receive the full contracted service. 

For everyone’s safety during the event, any games or other activities with the character(s), your 

children/guests should allow adequate space to accommodate the character’s movement. 


WEATHER - It is the client’s responsibility to check weather conditions before scheduling an 

event. D. Richardson Productions, LLC, will NOT issue a refund for weather-related 

cancellations. The client may reschedule an event for a date that is mutually conducive for all 



CHARACTER ABUSE - We ask that you control your guests (children/adults) from touching the 

faces of the character or attempting to remove the heads, kicking, hitting or any violent act(s) to 

the performer(s.) Please control your guest from pulling on a character’s clothing which is 


STRICTLY PROHIBITED as this could cause damage to the costume. Customers are 

responsible for any costume damages and/or bodily injury of persons caused by excessive 

abuse from children/guests. If for any reason the environment becomes hostile or unsafe for our 

performers, we will be forced to conclude the event before the contracted time. 


Please refrain from smoking while the characters are performing. This is a health hazard and 


may cause respiratory health concerns. Food or drinks are NOT permitted in proximity of a 


character in costume as this may cause damage to the costume. 

Silly String is NOT allowed near or on the costumes. This will cause damage. 


PARKING - If your event is in an area where there is a fee for parking, the client will be 


responsible for compensating D. Richardson Productions, LLC for any fees/passes for our 




VIRTUAL ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES - If you booked virtual entertainment services, 

customers agree to follow booking policy with start and end time. Customers will be provided 

with the Zoom Link & Password within 24 hours of booking to share with guests. Up to 50 

guests will be allowed to access the Virtual Session via the Zoom Platform. Please make sure 

DocuSign Envelope ID: E6D69B63-89A7-4CDC-BF3A-76C867AA0EDF 


that guests are dressed appropriately for a family setting during the Virtual Party Experience. 


Also, please refrain from using profanity during the show. 


FACE PAINTING - When Face Painting is included in a D. Richardson Productions package, 

clients understand that all D. Richardson Productions Face Paints are FDA Approved and 

cleaned fully after each event. D. Richardson Productions staff and contractors will not paint 

faces of anyone who will not sit still for the application of face paint, has broken skin, or rashes. . 


COVID-19 STATEMENT - D. Richardson Productions has created a protection plan to be able 

to perform safely at your event to protect your family and guests. Our staff has been instructed 

to not come to work in the case that they do not feel well. In addition, temperatures are taken at 

the start of the workday to ensure there is no sign of a fever. We ask that you encourage your 

guest to practice social distancing of at least 6 feet and wear mask or face covering to reduce 

the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Our staff are equipped with proper sanitation 

equipment to ensure safety during our visit for your event. 


In the unlikely case that D. Richardson Productions has to cancel prior to the start of your event, 


the customer will be refunded the full amount paid upon booking. 







LEGAL DISCLAIMER - All character costumes are generic and are not affiliated, licensed, or 

associated with any corporation or trademark. It is not our intent to violate any copyright laws. 

The characters are not the name brand copyrighted character and we do not attempt to market 

them as such. Any resemblance to a known character is incidental and unintentional. Should 

you have the need for a licensed or copyrighted character at your event, we encourage you to 

contact the company/copyright holders for that character. We only accept bookings from 

individuals who are aware and informed that we do not represent any licensed characters. 

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